Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice

  • Significant cost savings with little to no capital outlay
  • Enterprise grade quality & reliability
  • Unlimited North American calling * fair use policy applies
  • Unified communications, conferencing and collaboration
  • Scalable with your business

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On-Premise Voice

On-Premise Voice

  • Flexible solutions to meet your unique business needs
  • Unified communications, conferencing and collaboration
  • ACD and call center solutions
  • Custom service and maintenance plans
  • Flexible PSTN offerings – SIP, PRI, Analog

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Resiliency & Redundancy

Resiliency & Redundancy

  • High availability for mission critical business needs.
  • Hybrid cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Multiple levels of resiliency
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Bandwidth failover for voice and data

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Activo Voice

Activo Voice is Canada’s first enterprise-class cloud offering.

With Activo Voice, all core phone system hardware is hosted in our facility at 151 Front St.,Toronto; one of Canada’s premier and most secure hosting locations. The technology platform is our responsibility, and we will continually upgrade it with the latest features to maximize its functionality for your organization. Our hosted platform technology is based on enterprise grade industry standards.

Activo Voice uses a unique blend of hosted and on-premise equipment to deliver a highly available and scalable system that is always up to date with the latest software and features. By hosting the core applications and failover components in our data center, and delivering call control and dial tone on-site, we are able to reduce costs while maintaining enterprise feature sets.

Pay a fixed monthly fee for our cloud voice services, and your organization will never have to worry about keeping up with upgrades and patches.

Savings with Activo Voice

1. Hardware Replacement Savings

  • All system equipment is maintained and updated by Activo

2. Cellular Bypass

  • Avoid costly cellular charges as cell phones automatically switch over to the company unlimited minutes plan when connected to the corporate Wi-Fi network at any location
  • Reduces the need for desktop phones for mobile workers
  • Increases mobility so employees can work from anywhere
  • Increases mobility so employees can work from anywhere with the full power of a desk phone and Unified Communications (UC) capabilities
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3. Audio/Web-Conferencing

  • Integrated into the system, allowing for an easy to use and low cost alternative to carrier solutions.
  • Built-in features and low usage rates significantly reduces conferencing costs
  • Unify communications to increase productivity
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4. Usage

  • Unlimited inbound and outbound calling* (fair use policy applies)
  • Enjoy free North American calling* (fair use policy applies)
  • Very competitive long distance overseas rates

Activo Voice offers flexibility, increased productivity, cost savings, and peace of mind. 

Why Choose Us

Integration Partner

Enjoy technology solutions that work seamlessly with the convenience of working with a single Broad Integrator.

Reduce vendor management overhead, bridge organizational silos, and ensure interoperability to realize a lower TCO.

Flexible Solutions

At Activo, we have options to mix and match our solutions with a breadth of complimentary services to address your unique business requirements.

You have the flexibility to buy our products and services as an up-front capital expenditure or incur the expense as an ongoing operating cost through a monthly managed services fee.

National Capabilities

Work with one company to implement and support your technology across Canada.

Activo has physical locations from coast-to-coast, allowing us to be your single point of contact. We have a scalable and rapidly deployable workforce of experienced professionals who can take care of multiple product implementations in just one visit.