Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice

  • Significant cost savings with little to no capital outlay
  • Enterprise grade quality & reliability
  • Unlimited North American calling * fair use policy applies
  • Unified communications, conferencing and collaboration
  • Scalable with your business

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On-Premise Voice

On-Premise Voice

  • Flexible solutions to meet your unique business needs
  • Unified communications, conferencing and collaboration
  • ACD and call center solutions
  • Custom service and maintenance plans
  • Flexible PSTN offerings – SIP, PRI, Analog

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Resiliency & Redundancy

Resiliency & Redundancy

  • High availability for mission critical business needs.
  • Hybrid cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Multiple levels of resiliency
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Bandwidth failover for voice and data

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Activo’s partnership with Mitel allows us to offer the best in unified communications and virtualization technology enabling our customers to have flexible, scalable, and resilient solutions for their businesses.

Mitel specializes in virtualization, eliminating the need for multiple hardware boxes at multiple locations. Mitel is focused on simplifying complex communication solutions and providing flexible options.

Mitel builds solutions that allow software and hardware to be separated. This means that systems can easily be updated when new innovations are created, reacting quickly to communication technology changes and growth. The following products are building blocks that can be integrated to create the best VoIP and Unified Communication (UC) system for your business.


Mitel 3300 MCD: A unified communications platform with flexible software that has a wide variety of enterprise-level features to improve productivity and control.

  • 5 – 65,000 users
  • Users can select up to 8 devices or numbers to be collapsed into one, allowing them to be easily reached
  • Hot desking allows users to log onto any designated phone, and all calls will be routed to the device they are logged into
  • Unified messaging, full feature voicemail, and automated attendant
  • Choice of deployment strategy (distributed, centralized, cloud, etc.)
  • Web-based management to allow mobile access to tools
  • Operates across any LAN/WAN infrastructure


Mitel NuPoint: Responsive unified communications solution with flexible deployment options.

  • Common set of user features in different packages to meet scale requirements
  • Built using highly reliable components and operating system
  • Data redundancy to provide complete recovery in event of disk failure
  • Fits seamlessly with existing infrastructure, can be deployed with 3rd party PBXs
  • Manage all voicemail inboxes from a single interface on a single system
  • Speech automated attendant for easy call flow management
  • Message retrieval by phone or email, fax services, bilingual, speech to text, hospitality features


Mitel Application Suite: Combines core communications requirements into one simple solution.

  • Provides users access to all of their applications from anywhere on any device
  • Promotes user agility and collaboration
  • Simplified administration with one server for all functionality and one management view
  • Real-time access to everyone in the organization
  • Presence, secure unified messaging, point-to-point video, visual voicemail, softphone, etc.
  • Multiple deployment options including virtualized environments
  • APIs bring other applications such as email and CRM


Mitel Enterprise Manager: Integrated suite of management tools to allow for simple configuration, control, and management of Mitel systems and applications.

  • Simplify system administration and minimize maintenance costs
  • Reduce repetitive tasks by automating most day-to-day directory and user management processes
  • Easy to move, add, or change as your business expands
  • Notifications and alarms for errors and problems
  • Report generation options
  • Diagnostics to troubleshoot network problems, can be resolved remotely
  • Voice quality manager


PrairieFyre Contact Center Management Suite: Communication tool that streamlines contact center management by providing reporting and monitoring tools. 

  • Choose from Business Edition, Enterprise Edition, or Microsoft Lync Server Edition to optimize for your needs
  • Cost-effective solution that grows with your business
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Enterprise-wide, real-time statistics
  • Option for built-in redundancies
  • Scheduling
  • Operate in a virtual contact center environment shoot network problems, can be resolved remotely


Benbria Blazecast®: Mass notification system enabling faster delivery and acknowledgement of vital information, using the recipient’s channel of choice.

  • Ideal for automating billing notices, order status, appointment reminders, as well as handling crisis situations such as outages, recalls, and emergency response
  • Initiate an alert or page from any device
  • Real-time, personalized, interactive notifications from recipient’s channel of choice (text, phone, email, computer desktop notification, etc.)
  • Option to request message acknowledgement from recipient with text messages
  • Send live or pre-recorded text-to-speech messages
  • Reduce operational costs and drive new revenue


Martello Marwatch Monitoring Solution: Performance monitoring and fault management of VoIP systems and infrastructure, allowing motoring and remote access for both private and public networks.

  • Designed to reduce downtime by monitoring network to ensure it is secure, reliable, and functioning optimally
  • Fault management with 24/7 notifications
  • Flexibility to manage all remote sites without employing additional IT personnel
  • Secure remote access
  • Proactive network management
  • Detailed reporting monthly and on-demand
  • Regular offsite backups to secure offsite cloud-based storage that can be retrieved over the Internet from anywhere
  • Secure, easy to use interface


Activo builds strong partnerships with industry-leading companies to assure our clients the highest levels of quality, affordability, and flexibility in the products we employ.


Why Choose Us

Integration Partner

Enjoy technology solutions that work seamlessly with the convenience of working with a single Broad Integrator.

Reduce vendor management overhead, bridge organizational silos, and ensure interoperability to realize a lower TCO.

Flexible Solutions

At Activo, we have options to mix and match our solutions with a breadth of complimentary services to address your unique business requirements.

You have the flexibility to buy our products and services as an up-front capital expenditure or incur the expense as an ongoing operating cost through a monthly managed services fee.

National Capabilities

Work with one company to implement and support your technology across Canada.

Activo has physical locations from coast-to-coast, allowing us to be your single point of contact. We have a scalable and rapidly deployable workforce of experienced professionals who can take care of multiple product implementations in just one visit.